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It’s Dublin derby day! And when playing our great rivals, thoughts inevitably slip back to previously hard-fought games, writes MATT DEVANEY. The crushing defeats, the near misses, the last-minute victories (Glen Crowe in the cup semi) etc.

However for, my generation, there is one game against Rovers that evokes such wonderful memories. Of course it’s the famous 6-4 out in Santry in 2001. This particular fixture has spawned songs, verses and poems, one of which we include below.

The Santry Dew was written by Jer O’Leary, and was dedicated to his son Diarmuid ‘Dermo’ O’Leary. Dermo, who died tragically in Glasgow in 1999, was a very good mate of mine and to many of us here in Dalymount Park and as Jer is here as our guest tonight, we thought it would be fitting to include his poem here:



It was a January Day, at Santry 2001
All through the bitter cold and gloom, a miracle was spun
The famous bould Bohemians, though down by 1 to 4
With the greatest comeback ever seen, bate the Rovers 6 to 4

There was less than half an hour to go, and the Bohs were still 3 down
So the weepin’ and the wailin’ then, was heard in Dublin town
But when the final whistle blew, the hoops were in a fix
For on that hour they were still 4 an’ the Bohez they had 6

Oh, what a legend there was made , Oh, what a glorious dream
To see such a score, the Dalymount Roar, was back on full mainstream
But best of all, as we watch football, in years not encountered yet
What will give the boys the purest joys, is ,it was Rovers that were bet

The ghost Captain Cannon, now, and ‘’Blind’’ White can be seen
When is recalled the great football, of 28′s famous team
And like the Celts an’ Hun And the 7-1, on that day of renowned endeavour
The famed 6-4, ever-more, is on history’s page ………Forever

By Jer O’Leary at Gaffneys, No. 5 Fairview Green – 30/1/2001

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