Bohemian FC announces partnership with Innumeris Education


Bohemian FC is delighted to announce a new partnership with Innumeris Education. This partnership will provide leaving cert tuition for academy players wishing to pursue university opportunities during their time as League of Ireland footballers.

As well as that, additional tailored support will be provided for those athletes wishing to pursue university opportunities in the USA once they finish secondary school.

Bohemian FC Chief Operating Officer Daniel Lambert said: ”We are delighted to offer our Academy players the academic support required to ensure that they strive to develop themselves in their second level studies. As a club, we want to provide the platform for our players to meet their full potential and this will be a huge support for them to assist their studies.”

Bohemian FC Head of Academy Craig Sexton said: “We are delighted to further strengthen the host of educational opportunities that we can offer players at Bohemian FC. Football can offer so much to enrich people’s lives but all players have short careers at whatever level their potential brings them. Developing an education alongside their football development gives them lifelong opportunities and we are looking forward to working with Innumeris for many years to come.”

Innumeris’ mission is to provide quality support for student-athletes looking to pursue third-level education both at home & abroad. When it comes to supporting student-athletes, we are passionate about proving that strong academic and athletic performance can go hand-in-hand.

The Innumeris team includes academic advisors from top universities such as Trinity College Dublin, Harvard University, UCD, Princeton University and Oxford University who have proven that this is possible. The programme patrons and ambassadors are also living proof of this academic and athletic balance.

Daniel Olaniyi, founder and Chairperson, Innumeris Education, said: “Bohemians believe that their academy players need to be taken care of both on and off the pitch. League of Ireland teams are beginning to recognise the need to provide a holistic service to their players and this includes providing quality academic support for elite academy players who are considering pursuing university opportunities alongside their elite careers. Innumeris are delighted to be part of this innovative model.

”We will be supporting their academy players academically as they look to pursue third-level education in Ireland as well as avail of opportunities in the US. This year, through our tailored programmes, we have helped a number of student-athletes to date secure both sporting and academic scholarships to top universities in the States and this partnership enables us to support these talented Bohemians players in their pursuit of their aspirations.”


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