Introducing Eric Finn, aka XampL, who is representing Bohemians in the first-ever edition of the eLOI FIFA 21 competition.

The new tournament sees all 20 LOI clubs pitted together and gets underway tonight, with Eric’s first fixture coming next week, when he faces Cabinteely on Tuesday.


We caught up with Eric to explain to us what the tournament is all about…

What is Esports?

“Esports is just like any other sport. It is just a form of competition based around a select few video games that have implemented competitiveness in to the core of the selected game. I was never the best at football in real life, but being premier standard in the DDSL for 7/8 years with my local football club being competitive was bred into me from an early age, and when I found Esports that drive only strengthened.”

How did you get in to Fifa Esports?

“So when I was in my second year of University, I was working around the clock with my job too so I needed an escape every couple of days from the seriousness of life, so I started playing Fifa again after a year or two of not playing it at all.

Who is XampL?

“I am just a bloke from South Dublin that likes to play/stream an array of games but just so happen to be one of the best in Ireland at Fifa. I have helped create the first-ever Esports Uni scholarship in Ireland, appeared in newspapers to talk Esports and radio/podcasts to chat about my past and the future of this forever-growing industry that is Esports. But most of all XampL is just a success-hungry 24 year old man from Dublin named Eric Finn.”

What is the eLeague of Ireland and how do you feel going into it?

“This is the inaugural Fifa Esports competition in Ireland where all SSE Airtricity League teams get to select a Fifa player to compete for the first ever trophy. It’s great to see some movement in this scene and I’m just off the back of some good form coming top 65 in Europe at the latest Fut Champions Cup Qualifier #5 (EA Event), which put me #1 in Ireland on Xbox.

“I mainly compete on Xbox, so coming over to Playstation to compete in this tournament is going to need some correcting but I feel in pole position given my current form, and the backing of the largest fan-owned club in the country that is Bohemians. All the competitors know who I am, and I’m sure they won’t be delighted if they see I’m their next opponent when the league starts up.”

What is the goal for eLeague of Ireland?

“That’s an easy answer. Beat Rovers, lift the trophy. Anything short of that will need some reflection!”

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