James Flanagan

Bohemian FC is delighted to announce the appointment of James Flanagan as our first Disability and Social Inclusion Access Officer.

James brought audio-descriptive commentary to the club in 2019 for the visually impaired. This is something he has delivered ever since, making Dalymount Park itself, and our games from afar via audio streaming, more accessible than ever.

His new role will have specific focus on accessibility to the club – both for those with disabilities as well as those who may be socially excluded or marginalised.

The club will draw on best practice internationally and learn from, and liaise with, the relevant bodies nationally and at a European level.

Bohemian FC Chief Operating Officer Daniel Lambert said: “We wish to now build upon initiatives in recent years and continue to make our club and our games accessible for as many people as possible.

“James brings huge experience, passion and dedication to this role. The opportunities and impact we can have as a club in our local community are endless, and inclusiveness is at the centre of our values and ethos.”

James Flanagan said: “I am delighted to be able to take on the role of trying to further increase promotion and diversity at our club.

“We want to continue to lead the way on social issues and give a platform for people of a minority, to have a sense of belonging and passion for the club that everybody deserves to have regardless of what walk-of-life they have come from.

“There are numerous parts of the community that have been sidelined from society and it is our aim to welcome them to Dalymount Park, and indeed our local community through initiatives and programmes that meet the needs of all.”

James will kick off his new role with a Fans With A Disability Forum to discuss the issues and needs of fans attending games.

If you would like to attend this meeting, which will be held virtually, please email James at

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