Job vacancy: Chief Operating Officer

Jodi Stand

There has been uncertainty in recent months with regard to football in Ireland and as you will have read, we are currently in the process of working with the FAI and other clubs towards an agreement with the aim of the league recommencing on July 31.

At Bohemian FC, we had been working away in the background making long-term plans with regard to the day-to-day running of the club before Covid-19 reached our shores.

With some certainty around the return of League of Ireland football and European football on the horizon, it is time for us to get back to progressing the long-term running of the club.

We are delighted to announce that we will be recruiting a full-time Chief Operating Officer to help with the running of the club.

In the space of four years, we have trebled the revenue of the club, we have sold record season tickets and we have the highest membership figures in our 130 years of existence.

We now have seven FAI national league teams – five men’s and two women’s – and this will grow again in the coming years.

As well as the day-to-day operations, we also have some big projects to help deliver, including the Dalymount Park Redevelopment Project as well as the transition to and from Tolka Park in the interim years.

We feel that the ideal candidate will be someone from within football who understands our ethos as members-owned club.

We are built on the volunteer ethos and you can see what has been delivered in the last four to five seasons with people working together.

Even with this appointment, we will still look to grow the volunteer element in the coming years through our expanded membership structure.

We have given a lot of thought to this role. Almost every other premier club has a full-time General Manager, Chief Executive Officer or Chief Operating Officer.

We have put this off as long as we could. But with the extra workload involved in running an ever-expanding operation now, we feel that full-time support on and off the pitched required.

Chris Brien
The Bohemian Football Club

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