Bohemians v Shamrock Rovers - SSE Airtricity League Premier Division

Dear supporter,

Tonight, Bohemians and Shamrock Rovers meet for the third time this season in what is yet again a Dublin derby sold out well in advance.

Sell-out crowds are what we aspire to as a club but they also present us with serious challenges, particularly due to the current reduced capacity of Dalymount Park.

We remain under pressure and scrutiny from An Garda Síochána and the Dublin Fire Brigade over concerns they have over health and safety during Bohemians v Shamrock Rovers games.

We have met multiple times with the Gardaí, DFB and the FAI over the course of this season, more so than ever before.


We wish to remind you of some of their key concerns in the hope that you will assist us in addressing them.

We have communicated some of this information to you before in the last couple of seasons but the situation is quite serious and there are additions below so we ask you to take them on board.

The logistics behind sell-out crowds and event management for this fixture is putting a lot of strain on what is primarily a volunteer-run club so we appeal for your cooperation in lessening that and adhering to the requests laid out.


The biggest concern is the overcrowding in sections F&G and in particular people standing in the aisles, which could lead to serious crowd surges, crushes and injuries.

Standing in the aisles needs to stop. It is a major health and safety concern that is potentially catastrophic.

We all want to embrace the best of the Dublin derby experience. But we simply cannot accommodate everyone in blocks F&G or surrounding areas.

As you can see from the photo above, there is usually space further down in the Jodi Stand, particularly in blocks A&B. Please help recreate the derby atmosphere throughout the stand rather than just in F&G.

The Gardaí have instructed stewards to allow no standing in the steps/aisles and if it is considered that these blocks are full, no further supporters will be allowed into these areas.

We ask that our members and supporters cooperate with stewards and adhere to their instructions.

Please also assist fellow supporters in finding empty seats. People often think the stand is full when there are in fact multiple free seats dotted around the stand.


DFB fear so many people congested in the one place and the regularity with which flares and smoke bombs are ignited that these combined pose a fire hazard.

DFB and the Gardai have insisted that no flags and banners can be hung at the back of the Jodi Stand behind block F&G.

The preference is for flags to be hung on the Tramway End.

Similarly, fan displays at the start of the game/when the team comes out, such as those done by the Notorious Boo-Boys, will have to take place in front of the stand, by the side of the pitch, and not in the stand itself.

The authorities have also insisted on increased searches on Dalymount Lane.

Any supporter found in possession of a flare or similar pyrotechnics will be refused access/denied entry to the ground and faces being banned by the board of management.


Missile have been thrown on to the pitch at derbies in recent seasons.

This cannot continue or the Gardai and FAI will impose further sanctions on the club.

ALL drinks served in the bars tonight will be served in plastic glasses until after the game.

Anyone caught throwing missiles will be ejected from the stadium and faces being banned from all further Bohemians games.

Similarly, anyone who encroaches on to the pitch will be ejected and could face prosecution.


Access to Dalymount Lane is under strict control and supervision of the Gardai:

  • Match ticket holders must access Dalymount Lane via St Peter’s Road.
  • Members and season ticket holders (you must present a 2019 card) access Dalymount Lane via North Circular Road.

A reminder that Junior Gypsies cards do not apply for this fixture.


  • Early access from 5pm is as usual via Players and Officials entrance (door near reception area and gents toilets).
  • All other turnstiles open 6pm.
  • There will be no entry to Dalymount Lane or late admittance to the ground after 8pm.
  • We strongly advise supporters not to leave any margin for error here. We advise against arriving any later than 7.30pm.

We do not wish to see any members or ticket holders miss out, so we appeal to you to once again assist us in reducing the chances of crowd congestion by arriving as early as possible.


We as a board are also supporters and are all volunteers and understand that some of the above may be unpalatable.

But collectively as a fan-owned club, a level of self-policing is required.

We have a duty of care to ensure the safety of all those who attend our games.

Please assist us by cooperating with our stewards with respect and by occupying areas of the Jodi Stand less crowded.

If we fail to meet the requirements laid down to us by the authorities and the FAI, we run the risk of further sanctions and costs we can ill-afford being imposed on us: increased number of stewards, reduced capacity, kick-off times being moved etc

Thank you for your support. We hope you enjoy the game. Get behind Keith and the lads, and let’s all collectively contribute to getting the result we are all hoping for.

The Board of Management
Bohemian FC

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