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Dear members and supporters,

Together as a club, we have made great strides in recent years in a sustainable manner. Members and supporters have dug deep on numerous occasions over the past decade to keep the show on the road.

Thanks to those efforts, we collectively secured the future of our club, reduced our multi-million euro debt to a manageable amount and have secured Dalymount Park as our home for future generations.


We can be optimistic about our long-term future and, thanks to the extraordinary endeavours of Keith Long, his backroom staff and players, we have a team lining out every week that we can be extremely proud of and who continue to hold their own in an increasingly competitive league.

We all have ambitions to grow our club further but even maintaining things at the current level is a struggle when other clubs have benefactors or are trading in a way we believe to be unsustainable.

We do not want to be constantly asking members and supporters to contribute more but we do need to find ways of increasing our income.

We are in a relatively okay financial state but if we wish to grow as a club and to give Keith and his team the strongest resources possible, we do need to continue to find ways of increasing our commercial and fundraising income.

One of the easiest immediate ways of increasing our fundraising income is asking all members and supporters to consider selling tickets – minimum book of five – for the FAI Club Draw.

We are not asking you to donate yourself – we are asking you to buy a book of tickets up front to sell on behalf of the club.

We feel, given the prizes on offer, that this should be an easy sell to friends, colleagues and family.

The tickets are sold at €10 but cost the club just €1.50 each.

We have a membership of over 400. If 400 members were to sell a book of five tickets, that would be €17,000 profit for the club – a significant return for very little effort.

We hope that could end up being a conservative expected return – we are confident some members might consider buying and selling more, and that other supporters might do likewise.

Books of five (minimum) can now be bought directly from the club’s online store and will be available at tomorrow’s game v Cork City from the halfway line throughout the game.

To learn more about the FAI Club Draw and the prizes on offer visit: http://www.fai.ie/domestic/fai-national-draw/

Thank you for your support.

Chris Brien
President, Bohemian FC

Stephen Lambert
Honorary Secretary, Bohemian FC

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