Sphere 17

A group from Sphere 17 – a regional youth service in Dublin 17 – came to visit the Bohemian Foundation at Dalymount Park last week.

They loved their trip and afterwards, Ashley Behan from Sphere 17 sent us this lovely letter:

“Just wanted to thank you so much for the lovely afternoon you provided for us at the Bohemian Football Club. It could not have gone better!

“The visit was even more than what we expected! The nine young people we had are huge Bohs fans and from the start of our tour right to the end, Thomas Hynes really organised it so well and made us feel so welcomed and valued.

“Greeting us at the gate with Cllr Larry O’Toole and Oscar Brennan from the team really made the young people feel like VIPs.


“Our tour around the stadium was amazing, the young people still can’t believe they were in the players’ dressing room.

“The photos we got were brilliant. It was so lovely for us youth workers to see the delight on these football crazy faces.

“The atmosphere while Oscar spoke about the club and his experience around football was so lovely to watch. All were totally tuned in.

“I got great satisfaction from listening to our young people ask him their questions they had. Oscar really was amazing with them. They were also amazed by the work the club does for the community, that it’s not just all about football.

“My aim for this particular group of young people was to try give them some knowledge around two of Sphere 17′s core values which is Equality and Respect.

“For this I focused on anti-racism. After running my workshop around this with the group, I really feel our trip to your club got that message through to them that bit more.

“Lastly I just want to also thank you for the lovely surprise of providing us with some match tickets and agreeing to do some follow-up work with me over the next coming months with the young people.

“Yourself and the club are an absolute credit to the community. Our young people enjoyed our visit so much they are back in today talking all about it.

“I look forward to seeing you again.”

Thanks for coming guys.

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