• To provide a challenging, sustainable and progressive development pathway that will facilitate every Bohemian FC player to reach their own potential.


  • To provide a football education for our young players that places an emphasis on their development as a player.
  • To provide the best football education model, which will allow our players to develop their game intelligence through guided discovery.
  • To provide a happy, fun, safe environment in which our young players are free to thrive.
  • To put in the place the resources needed to continually enhance the development of our players and to evolve.
  • To challenge our players in their football development from an age-specific, technical, tactical, physical, nutritional, social and psychological perspective.
  • To encourage our players to set goals and to empower them to try to achieve them.
  • To provide parents/guardians with a professional, honest and structured evaluation of a players’ development.
  • To be the club of choice for young footballers of all ages.
  • To ensure the development of our coaches and managers so their development enhances the development of the players.
  • To develop the Bohemian FC football philosophy in our young players and in youth teams.
  • To provide a pathway for our young players to progress to representative youth football, to our U19 and League of Ireland senior team, and to professional football at home and abroad in accordance with their wishes and abilities.
  • To seek to progress towards our goals in consultation with, and with the support of all our stakeholders.
  • To teach our players to play the game we love with good discipline, respect and in Fair Play.
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