In May 2022, Bohemian Football Club launched its first ‘Members Forum’ aimed at increasing member engagement in the running and functions of the club.

The club intends to run frequent forums for members on different aspects of the organisation.

We are conscious that with such a large increase in membership numbers, some members may be unfamiliar with certain aspects of how the club operates.

As a members-run club, volunteerism is key to both ethos, viability and long-term success and sustainability as a functioning football club.

We hope that by facilitating active engagement, more members will be conscious of and understand the strategies and workings of key areas, which would be beneficial should they wish to join sub-committees or become a volunteer generally.

We are also keen to improve two-way communication between the board of the club and its members.

To that end, the club will be hosting several Member Forums over the coming months.

These forums will be led by their respective club director and/or club staff.

Members present can gain insight into the logic, activities, and rationale behind key areas of operation and can provide any suggestions or input they may wish to provide, finally the floor will be open for Q&As.

Keep an eye out for email updates for the next scheduled forum.

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