Bohemian FC is delighted to announce Mark O’Meara as our club artist officer, a new voluntary role at the club.

Mark has been a Bohemians volunteer since 2019, working on a project which has brought dozens of artists, both local and international, together with the club by delivering one-off matchday posters.

This project, initially led by Gavin Fahy before Mark took over, has been hugely successful and brought a new tradition to matchdays – a large group of collectors now eagerly await each release, while it also delivers steady income to the club through sales of the posters.

The project has been featured in Totally Dublin Magazine, has been applauded by many other clubs who are now considering replicating, and was a standalone exhibition in the Back Page at the end of 2019 when a full season of art was showcased.

We recently decorated Dalymount Park’s Phoenix Bar with dozens of the posters while it awaits the return of fans post Covid-19. There is a dedicated Instagram page Dublinsoriginals, which features all works to date, and is well worth a look.

Mark will now build upon this project with selected works being nominated for t-shirt designs – this has already begun with the two recent releases based on previous poster designs by Gianni Clifford and Conor Nolan.

He will, alongside the club, investigate other areas where artists can be brought into the Bohemian family. He can be contacted by interested artists at

Bohemian FC COO Dan Lambert said: “The incorporation and inclusion of multiple artists into the club in recent years has been an enormous success, from the murals that adorn the stadium and poets Lewis Kenny and John Cummins, to brilliant t-shirt designs and the fantastic matchday artwork series now in its third season.

“It demonstrates that football clubs can provide platforms for so many groups of talented people to showcase their own artforms and build on the rich culture and tradition of football reaching new audiences together. Mark has been instrumental to this and we are looking forward to collaborating on multiple projects throughout the season.”

Mark O’Meara said: “As a fan, I am honoured to be appointed to this position. Volunteering with the club, working on our arts project and as a designer has been a point of personal pride, and hugely enjoyable experience over the past two years.

“I have always enjoyed the intersection between the art and football worlds, and you would struggle to find another club where this has created such a dynamic culture. As an artist, everything from the NBB displays, the flares, all the visual ephemera of a matchday and the great passion and culture of the club have been of great inspiration.

“In this new role, I would like to expand the artist network we have in the club, work within the local community, and look forward to continuing to collaborate with artists both local and abroad. I would like to thank all the artists, the club, and Dan, Luke and Gav for getting me involved.

“I am excited to help facilitate projects and artworks for Bohs fans and the D7 community to enjoy.”

Examples of Bohs’ matchday poster project so far:

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