Junior Gypsies

Towards the end of last season, the board of Bohemian FC took the decision to remove Shamrock Rovers games from the Junior Gypsies package.

The removal of this fixture was included on the Junior Gypsies website page and also on our online store at point of purchase.

But to avoid confusion or disappointment given the likelihood that this game will sell out in the near future, we are writing to you to remind you of the decision and to explain the reasoning behind it.

This was not a decision we took lightly but one we believe necessary and fair.

The Junior Gypsies package has proved highly successful in recent seasons – more successful than we had ever imagined.

It is not a money-making scheme. It is an investment in our future designed to attract young people to our club and, we hope, create supporters for life.

Given the alternative price of individual U13/juvenile match tickets coupled with the goodies/packs Junior Gypsies receive in addition, it is clear that this is not an initiative we profit from in monetary terms.

It costs just €25 and, even with the removal of Shamrock Rovers games this season, still entitles card-holders to attend 16 league games.

The cost of an U13 match ticket is €5. To attend 16 league games without a Junior Gypsies ticket would cost €80.

We therefore believe the package offers unrivalled value in our league.

The decision to remove Shamrock Rovers game was taken because it is, at present, our league fixture most likely to sell out.

Due to the traditional high intensity and competitive atmosphere of this fixture, it is one many parents and guardians opt not to bring young children to.

This means that we have a fixture that on the face of it is ‘sold out’ yet seats remain empty.

This is because we obviously cannot resell a place in the ground set aside for Junior Gypsies card holders.

As a fan-owned and volunteer-run club aiming to compete in a league of private investment and some unsustainable trading, we struggle to stand over there being empty seats in a ‘sold-out’ game when we have fundraising committees working tirelessly to afford our first team the resources to compete to the best of its ability in a sustainable manner.

It was therefore the reluctant decision of the board to remove the two home Shamrock Rovers fixtures from the Junior Gypsies package.

Juvenile tickets for these fixtures can instead be bought at www.tickets.bohemians.ie

Please note there has been a sharp increase of ticket sales for the upcoming derby in recent days so we advise those wishing to purchase tickets to do so as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Your children are the future of our club and our volunteers are currently working on new and exciting gifts that differ from last year’s Junior Gypsies goodie bag.

We value your understanding and continued support and that of our Junior Gypsies, who we hope will remain supporters of our club and shape its future in years to come.

The Board of Management,
Bohemian FC

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