Well done to the Under-11s who put in fantastic squad performance on Saturday (February 9th 2013).

In the first half, the aim was to press the ball with the nearest two players – the closest to press the opponent in possession and the second to cover.

We also looked to take players on 1v1 in the box and to try to get a shot on target.

In the first half, we scored a goal by winning the ball back through pressure and also from a corner and got plenty of shots on target.

We also worked on the position of our last defender and kept a clean sheet.

In the second half – we worked on the full-back providing cover for the last defender with the positioning of the GK and through great defending and teamwork, we kept a clean sheet again.


We also looked to draw their defenders in around the box and make them think we would go 1 v 1 and then lay off to runners from midfield.

We created more chances and scored two goals from laying the ball off to a midfielder.

A great team effort, everyone enjoyed the game and we also learned to make sure we keep our eyes on the ball as we track back to our positions in our team shape when the ball goes dead, in case they try to restart play quickly.

Lots of great support from the families which is always important.

Rehydration and refuelling now ahead of training Tuesday!

Well done lads!

Lisa Fallon.

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