Time is running out to sign up for the 9-Goal Thriller fundraiser. Deadline for signing up is this Saturday (August 17th). Tickets cost: €25


The new 9-Goal Thriller game is a fundraiser brought to you by the Bohemians Last Man Standing team.


This game is simple. There are 20 tickets available for sale at €25 each. Each ticket represents a team from the English Premier League.

When all 20 tickets are sold, the teams will be drawn at random and assigned to players. The first team to score exactly nine goals within consecutive games wins the prize.

It is NOT the first team to score nine goals. For example, if Everton start their game and have seven goals scored in their previous games and they win 3-0, the player assigned that team does not win the prize.

But if they win 2-0, then they will be the winning team.

If two teams both reach the nine-goal point after the same amount of games played (kick-off time is irrelevant) then the next team to reach nine goals wins. The winning team must have a unique goals scored column of nine.

If no team reaches nine goals then whoever gets to 19 goals (then 29 etc) under the same criteria will be the winning team.

50% of the pot, €250, will go to the winner and €250 will go to Bohemian FC.

Any questions can be emailed to lastmanstandingbohs@gmail.com. Many thanks for supporting this fundraiser.

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