Phibsborough Shopping Centre planning application

Proposed civic space/walkway linking Phibsborough Road and Dalymount Park

Bohemian FC welcomes the recent planning application by MM Capital to redevelop the Phibsborough Shopping Centre, which seeks to open up the site as a new civic space for the local community.

The plans also pave way for access to Dalymount Park from Phibsborough Rd, something that has been sorely lacking since the shopping centre was constructed in the mid-1960s.

Such access is an integral part of Dublin City Council’s plans to redevelop Dalymount Park, not only as a football stadium, but also as a community facility that places it at the very heart of Phibsborough.

We strongly favour a concurrent and total redevelopment of the Dalymount Park and Phibsborough Shopping Centre sites with maximum integration between the two.

This would minimise the club’s time spent away from Dalymount Park and also lessen the disruption to our neighbours and the local community.

It would also maximise the economies of scale potential, which could be lost with a phased approach.

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