Open fans and volunteers meeting

Volunteer meeting

Members’ Bar, Dalymount Park 

A message from newly-elected Bohemian FC president Chris Brien:

As you are aware, Matt Devaney stood down as president at the recent AGM and I now have the honour and privilege of starting my second term in the role.

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank-you to Matt for doing a great job in leading the Club over the last four years.

He and the board handled some very difficult negotiations with Zurich Bank and Dublin City Council brilliantly, getting us the best deals possible.

We now need to move the Club forward and while there are a few difficult years ahead, there is also huge potential.


To achieve this potential, we need the support and input of all our fans and not just the members.

Therefore, the board has called an open meeting for Wednesday March 15th at 7pm in the Members’ Bar at Dalymount Park.

At the meeting, supporters will be updated on how the Club is operating and the plans we have for the future.

After the directors give their updates, Paddy Mullins, our new Volunteer Liaison Officer, will advise you of the help we need, the positions that need to be filled and the estimated time involved in each case.

If you are unable to attend this meeting, but wish to put yourself forward to volunteer for the Club, please contact Paddy directly at

I hope as many people as possible make it to the meeting as I have no doubt that together we will achieve all our goals.

Chris Brien
Bohemian FC

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